'No Gift' Policy

    Dear Valued Business Partners,
    AEON respects innovative business partners who help the Company achieve its objective of "Customer Satisfaction". We strive to work as equals with our business partners*, dealing fairly and working for our mutual prosperity. We select business partners based on their ability to offer better products and services at fair prices.

    In our effort to demonstrate our commitment to impartiality, equal opportunity and the highest standard of conduct in our business dealings, the Company and our employees shall not accept or give any personal gifts, money or special favours from / to our business partners in any situation.

    This policy is meant to avoid any conflict of interest (including any appearance of conflict of interest) in our business dealings. We seek your support and understanding in complementing our effort to conduct our business with the highest standard of ethics.

    If you require any clarification or wish to notify us of any concern in your dealing with us or our employee, please send your e-mail to compliance@aeoncredit.com.my.

    Thank you.

  • The term "gift" above shall mean anything of value, monetary or non-monetary including but not limited to gift items, discount on products / services, travel and accommodation, use of vehicles, products, prizes, equipment, stock or securities, gift vouchers, club or facility membership, ticket or entry to events, etc. These are examples for reference and they are not exhaustive. This shall extend to cover any gifts which are sent to the home of employee.
  • Gift to any family member or relative of the employee are deemed as a gift received by employee.

  • *The term "business partners" includes any existing or potential merchant, vendors, service providers, and Bankers.