Security Tips
AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd ("AEON Credit") places top priority on your security and your payment cards. Our valued AEON Credit Payment Cardholders are advised to understand the AEON Credit Security Tips to safeguard your interest.

Never disclose personal, financial or payment card information to unknown or suspicious websites. AEON Credit will never send you an email, SMS or letter asking for your account specific information. You should not respond to such emails, letters, websites or phone numbers nor reveal your username, password, security questions or answers, or PIN (Personal Identification Number) to anyone.

Don’t open email attachments from strangers, download and install software or run programs from unknown or unreliable sources.

Don’t key in any sensitive/confidential information or click to open any links that might provide access to your accounts, even if the website looks appears genuine.

For enquiries/assistance, kindly call our 24-hour Customer Care Centre at (603) 2719 9999 or email to
Binary Options
Binary options are a type of investment where the payout entirely depends on the outcome of a yes/no proposition. The yes/no proposition is typically contingent on whether the price of an underlying asset (e.g. stock) will rise above or fall below a specified amount. Investors either stand to make a return or lose their entire investment in an all-or-nothing payout structure.

Binary options trading have been exploited by fraudulent and illegal operations specifically by:
  • Manipulation of price data to induce customer losses
  • Refusals or delays in the payout of realized gains to customers
  • Failure to keep client funds in a dedicated trust account
  • A lack of trade monitoring by third parties to ensure fair play
  • Deceptive advertising and purposely overstated average returns on investment
  • Charging of undisclosed fees (e.g. for withdrawing funds)
  • Collecting customer information for identity theft purposes
Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and payment card details often for malicious reasons, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Anti-phishing is a measure to counter phishing when you log into your account. For Aeon Credit Web Online, an anti-phishing phrase will be assigned to you upon registration. Always look for these words before entering your password during login. If you ever see an unfamiliar phrase, do not continue and report the issue to us.
Unsolicited Calling
AEON Credit would like to remind members of the public to be more vigilant when receiving any calls claiming that it is from AEON Credit or Bank Negara Malaysia or any commercial banks.

Based on recent complaints received by AEON Credit, there are incidents of fraudsters making such calls to unknowing members of the public in order to fraudulently obtain their personal banking information, with the aim of siphoning monies from their accounts. In other cases, fraudsters will request for information relating to the victim's banking and payment card accounts to illegally transfer funds out of the victim's bank account.

WANT TO KNOW MORE on financial scams, visit the financial fraud alert website at
Scam Emails
Scam emails are fraudulent (spoofing, impostor, or phishing) emails that seem to have been sent from a legitimate source. These scam emails trick you into keying in sensitive personal information either by misleading you to reply to the scam email or by including embedded links/hyperlinks to a fake website that will trick you to reveal your sensitive/confidential information or login details (username/password).
SMS Spoofing Scam
RM0.00 AEON: TQ for using AEON C/CARD ending 2368 for MYR4299 at Machine KLIA2 on 07/09. Pls call num at the back of your card for any quires, or call customer hotline at 0392126619
RM0.00 AEON: MYR 3998.00 was charged on your card num**97 at POH KONG-AMPANG TESCO on 22/07. Call 03-277727360 if you did NOT perform this transaction.
RM0.00 AEON: MYR 4388.00 was charged on your card num**09 at A.W.G-KLIA 2 on 06/09. Call 03-92126650 immediately if you did NOT perform this transaction.
RM0.00 AEON: TQ for using AEON C/Card ending 4579 for MYR 3999 at Sen-Q Ipoh, on 1 Sept 2016. Call 0392126619 if you did NOT perform this transaction.
If you suspect to have received an SMS spoofing, please do not respond to the SMS and immediately notify us.

AEON Credit Service will never send you an email, SMS or letter asking for your account information. You should not respond to such emails, letters, website, phone numbers or to reveal your PIN, username, password, security questions or answers to anyone.
AEON Wallet Online Security Tips
1.Mobile device password
Set your mobile device to require a password before it can be used.

2.Don’t use the same password twice
Use a unique password for your AEON Wallet app. Don’t use the same password as your email, Facebook etc.

3.Install app from trusted sources
Only install apps that can be downloaded from the official app stores “Google Play Store” and “Apple App Store”. Apps downloaded from unofficial app stores may be malicious and compromise your security.

4.Only connect to trusted networks
Choose secure network connections or Wi-Fi network that you trust. Unsecured networks could pose a risk, and hackers nearby can eavesdrop on your connection to steal your information.

5.Keep your mobile device updated
Be sure to install the latest firmware updates on your device. This helps ensure that the latest security patches are now on your device.

6.Keep your personal information private
Don’t share sensitive data such as your username, password and card details with anyone you would not normally hand over your physical wallet to. Also, take extra steps to keep your devices secured at all times.

7.Keep login credentials secure
Never store usernames and passwords in an unprotected environment.

8.Protect yourself online
Kindly contact our Customer Service immediately if:
  • you suspect that your password has been compromised.
  • your mobile device has been stolen or lost.
  • you notice a suspicious transaction that you did not effect.
Fraud Protection
Know the Do's & Don'ts to Keep Safe.


Receiving New/Renewed Cards
  • When you receive your new/renewal/replacement payment card, always check the card has your correct name, and the sealed package is not compromised. Immediately contact AEON Credit if the card is not yours, or that the seal is tampered with.
  • Once you confirm the payment card is yours, please destroy your old/expired/unusable card immediately by cutting it into several pieces ensuring that the chip and magnetic stripe portion is completely damaged.
  • Immediately sign on the signature panel (back of your card) upon receipt.

Safeguarding your PIN
  • When you receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number), always check that the sealed envelope has not been opened or tampered. Immediately call AEON Credit if the seal is broken or opened.
  • Memorize your PIN immediately, make sure it is not accessible by anyone else and destroy the PIN envelope. Go to the nearest Branch/ATM if you need to change your PIN
  • Do not carry your PIN together with your card or disclose it to anyone.

Using your Card at Retail Outlets
  • Treat, value and protect your card as if they were cash, keep your card secured and ensure it's in your possession at all times.
  • Always ensure that all payment card transactions are performed in front of you. Do not let the card out of sight.
  • Check and confirm the card you get back after a transaction from a merchant is yours.
  • Check all the details on your transaction slip and always verify the amount before signing the payment card receipt.
  • Void the incorrect sales slip before you sign a new one.

Using your Card at ATM
  • Keep an eye on your card during the ATM transaction, and get it back as quickly as possible. It is the only way to prevent "shoulder surfing" at ATMs.
  • Please notify AEON Credit should you observe any abnormalities/foreign object attached to the ATM.
  • When creating passwords and PINs, do not use anything that can be easily traced to you such as your date of birth, identity card no., etc. Do not record such information on anything in your wallet.

Online Card Usage
  • When purchasing items over the Internet, give your payment card details only to reliable websites and from a company you trust. Reputable merchant websites use encryption technologies to protect your card information.
  • When you're making online transactions, be sure to read the company's privacy policy to ensure that your information is solely confidential.
  • Check your email after you have made your online purchases as online merchants often send confirmation emails or other communications about your order.
  • Always print and save the confirmation page when completing an online purchase.
  • Ensure the payment card transaction is secure. Observe the address bar at the top of the computer screen and make sure the letters at the beginning of the address start with "https" whenever you are asked to provide card information.

Managing & Filing your Statement/Sales Slip
  • Secure your letter mailbox, promptly collect your mail and be aware of identity theft. If you do not receive your payment card statements on time, please report to us promptly.
  • Keep a record of your payment card(s) and account information together with the card issuer's contact information in a secure place.
  • Shred all documents (sales slip, statement, etc.) that contain your card details before you discard them.
  • Promptly check your payment card statement and report transactions that you do not recognize or are unauthorized by you immediately to AEON Credit.
  • It is advisable to record or keep your receipts for all your purchases including online purchases so you could compare them with your monthly statements once you have received it.

Unauthorized Charge and Card Lost/Stolen
  • Keep your payment card safe in your wallet/purse, somewhere you'll notice immediately if it has gone missing and always check your payment cards periodically to ensure that the cards are safely kept in your possession.
  • Call our 24-hour Customer Service Centre at (603) 2719 9999 to immediately report any lost or stolen card, unauthorized or suspicious transactions or PIN disclosures.
  • Cancel your stolen/lost payment cards as soon as possible. Get new ones, and use different PINs from the previous ones.

Change of Contact Details
  • Notify us in advance for any change in address if you plan on moving house.
  • Keep AEON Credit updated with your latest mobile phone number and email address to allow us to perform verification of unusual or suspicious transactions.

Beware of Scams
  • Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics such as "SCRATCH & WIN" where you are asked for your payment card details.
  • If you received a call from a telemarketer and suspect the caller is a scammer, do ask questions. The fewer questions the caller can answer, the more likely they are calling from an illegitimate business.
  • If an unknown person contacts you and asks for your personal financial information, via a website, do call AEON Credit to verify. If you have already given out your personal information, you must immediately inform our 24-hour Customer Service Centre at (603) 2719 9999 to cancel and change your payment card numbers in case your personal information has been passed to the scammer.


Safeguarding your Payment Card
  • Never leave your payment card or receipts in an unsecured place, lying around at home, in the car glove compartment or in the office where someone can have access to it.
  • Never leave your receipts lying around. Though receipts are insignificant to the casual observer, a fraudster could simply use the simple information to scam unsuspecting victims.
  • Do not lend your payment card to anyone. Your payment card is not transferable. Keep it in a safe and secure place until you use it.
  • Never sign a blank receipt. Before signing a receipt, draw a line through the blank spaces above the total.
  • Don't leave your card exposed longer than it should as a fraudster could take a picture of your payment cards within seconds.

Safeguarding your PIN, Payment Card & Personal Information
  • Do not reveal personal details of your payment card to any unknown party.
  • Avoid creating a common or regular PIN or password for your payment card; do not use passwords that can be easily traced to you such as your date of birth, Identity Card no., etc.
  • Do not use the same PIN and passwords once you cancel/close your accounts and/or want to open new a new account.
  • Do not carry your PIN with your payment card, record the password on anything in your wallet or disclose it to anyone.
  • Beware of imposters who claim to be from AEON Credit and ask to "verify" your payment card details to make sure you are protected. We already have your details and do not require them from you.
  • If you are unsure, please contact us for further confirmation/clarification.

Safeguarding your Payment Card Online Usage
  • AEON Credit will never send you an email, SMS or letter asking for your account specific information. You should not respond to such emails, letters, websites or phone numbers nor reveal your username, password, security questions or answers, or PIN to anyone.
  • Never send account information, such as account number or PIN etc. in an email as it may be intercepted.
  • Be cautious about emails that offer credit services. Many unsolicited emails are fraudulent and are sent from an unknown party.
  • Never provide your payment card information on a website that is not a secure
  • Never click on Internet links within emails or perform transactions on websites opened via email links.
  • Never provide your payment card information online unless you are making a purchase
  • Avoid using a public computer for online shopping. If you use a public computer, please remember to log off and quit the browser when you have finished. Anyone can hit the "back button" to view your payment card information.
  • Do not trust a website just because it claims to be secure or trust websites that tell you your financial or other sensitive information doesn't have to be encrypted.
One Time Password (OTP) for Online Shopping
  • Enjoy our new security feature that gives you a safer and more convenient online shopping experience when you use your AEON Cards.
  • Each time you wish to make a purchase online with your AEON card, we will verify your identity by asking you to enter a "One Time Password" (OTP), which is a 6-digit password sent automatically to your mobile phone during the payment process.
  • Your OTP is only valid for one transaction and 5 minutes from the time of generation before it expires. So you can be rest assured that no one can use your card online! All you need to do is make sure your current mobile phone number is registered with AEON Credit Service.For enquiries or to update your mobile number, please contact our Customer Care at +603-2719 9999 or visit our branch.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides a high level of protection for online shoppers.
  • No registration required - Just register or update your current mobile number with us.
  • Password not required - It saves you the trouble of remembering your password.
  • Hassle-free authentication process - No "security information" required except OTP.
  • Service is free-of-charge.

Browse safely with SSL Encryption
All data is secured using SSL encryption so you will always have peace of mind whilst using our website. We use the most complete EV SSL certificate that offers the highest levels of trust and authentication. Our SSL certificate is backed by GlobalSign and you can click on the seal below to verify the authenticity of our certificate.


How to make an online purchase with your AEON payment card?

Step 1: Register your current mobile phone number with AEON Credit Service if you have not done so previously. To update, please contact our Customer Care at +603-2719 9999 or visit our branch.

Step 2: Provide your card particulars on the merchant webpage.

Step 3: You will then be directed to AEON Credit Service's authentication page. OTP will be sent to your mobile phone automatically.

Step 4: Enter your OTP and Click "Submit" to complete your authentication. You will be notified on the status of your transaction at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. What is One Time Password (OTP) Solution for Online Shopping?
A. One Time Password (OTP) for Online Shopping is a solution to enhance the Credit Card authentication process for online purchases to provide you with greater convenience and better security. An OTP is a 6-digit password sent to your mobile phone when you are attempt to make an online purchase. OTP for Online Shopping is an extension of Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode, a 3D-Secure solution and is fully adaptable to the 3D-Secure architecture and protocol defined by VISA/MasterCard. This dynamic authentication system is in line with Bank Negara Malaysia's proposed guidelines on Credit/Debit cards.

Q. What is 3D-Secure?
A. 3D-Secure is an XML-based protocol used as an added layer of security for online Credit Card transactions. It was developed to improve the security of Internet payment/purchase processes and offered to you free-of-charge, as Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode.

This service is only available at 3D Secure merchant sites where an additional password protection is required to authenticate the customer during a purchase via the Internet.

Q. How would I know if the merchant website is a 3D site?
A. Look out for Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode logo(s) at the merchant website.

Q. How does the OTP works?
A. All online transactions made through 3D Secure Website using your AEON Credit Card will require a "One Time Password" (OTP) in order to be processed. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone within 2 minutes of submitting your card details for payment request on the merchant website. Each OTP received is only valid for one single transaction and for use within 3 minutes. If your OTP becomes invalid due to inactivity, you are able to request for OTP to be sent again to your mobile phone.

Q. Do I have to register to use OTP if I have no prior online shopping experience with an AEON Card?
A. No, but you need to ensure that your current mobile phone number is registered with AEON Credit Service as the OTP will be sent based on your contact details in our record.

Q. How can I register/update my contact details?
A. You can contact our Customer Care at +603-2719 9999 or visit any of AEON Credit Service branches to update your contact details.

Q. How do I check whether the OTP has been sent to my registered or latest updated mobile phone number?
A. When you reach the authentication page during a payment process, the first and last three digits (For example: +6012 xxx x999) of your mobile number will be displayed. If it does not match your mobile number, please contact our Customer Care to update your latest details.

Q. How do I request for an OTP at a merchant website?
A. You do not need to request for an OTP at the first instance. When you reach the page for payment request, an OTP will be automatically sent to your mobile phone. You would only need to click on the link to request a new OTP if you do not receive your OTP within 2 minutes..

Q. How many transactions can I perform in a day using OTP?
A. There is no limit for the number of transactions you can perform, i.e. you can purchase online as many times as you wish provided that your card is in good standing.

Q. What if i do not receive the OTP? Can I request for a new one to be sent?
A. Yes. If your first OTP becomes invalid or if you do not receive it within 2 minutes, you will need to click on the link to request a new OTP on the authentication page. We will re-send to you a new OTP.

Q. What if I exceed the maximum times of OTP request in a day for one transaction?
A. The maximum OTP resend requests for one transaction is 2 times, but this does not affect the OTP resend times for other transactions you would like to make unless you hit the maximum invalid authentication (3 times), where your account will be locked for security reasons. To unlock your account, please contact our Customer Care at +603-2719 9999.

Q. What happens if my computer crashes or I get disconnected from the Internet after I have entered the OTP and submitted the payment request?
A. Please contact our Customer Care at +603-2719 9999 to verify if the payment has been successful or not.
Protect Your Credentials
  • Password: Must be minimum 6 alphanumeric characters, without repeating any digit or character more than once.
  • Memorise your AEON Credit ATM/Telephone PIN (Personal Identification Number), online username and password; do not record it anywhere, including your handphone or any handheld device or on anything kept in close proximity with the card.
  • Username and Password: Use different username and password for your AEON Credit account and other non-AEON credit websites.
  • Privacy: Make sure you are not watched and can privately key in your username, password, ATM PIN, Telephone PIN or any other sensitive/confidential information.

For Username/Password/PIN:
  • Not based on your username, personal telephone number, birthday, identity card, passport, driving licence or contact numbers or other personal information.
  • Do not reveal your username and password to any person/third-party via unsolicited emails or any website other than our official website at
  • Do not reveal your ATM/Telephone PIN, username, password or other authentication credentials e.g. One-Time PIN (OTP) to any person/third-party even if they claim to be employees of AEON Credit or a regulatory body.
  • Do not leave a credit card or an item containing the card unattended in places visible and accessible to others.
  • Contact Us
    Please contact our 24 hour AEON Customer Care Centre at (603) 2719 9999;
    email to for any enquiry or drop by to our nearest AEON branch today. Click here to find your nearest branch.